Who Is That Guy?

My first name is Eric. My last name is none of your business. I have my reasons for not giving out this information, and none of them have anything to do with Y2K. "If you're so private, then why make a public website?" - Because it's what I used to do for a living, and it's the only way I know of to get my thoughts worked out and solidified. (Or at least congealed...) Having a "live" audience forces me to get it right and pay attention.

I live in a two bedroom apartment in Southern California, land of the tract-home. I have an amazing wife, an equally amazing daughter, seven fish, and a cat. My apartment is pretty roomy, but my rent (which is pretty good for this area) is probably more than the mortgage payments most people pay in the rest of the country.

As I mentioned, I used to design websites for a living. I'm not a programmer, though I code HTML by hand. I'm a designer. I went to college and took art classes (after a short stint as a microbiology major, I decided that I preferred doodling, to memorizing the names of a million organisms that I would probably never even see). This site is lean on design because... well, I'm not at the studio.

I'm a stay-at-home dad and "homemaker" which is a hell of a lot harder (trust me guys), who does freelance design when my daughter permits it, and my wife wears the pants in the family. Our family is pretty average (I guess) as we have a tight budget, no time, and wish to someday own a home. We live in the city, which in SoCal means that there is no real open space anywhere of any size to build something else on. San Diego is a big city. It's nothing like LA, but then NOTHING is like LA. San Diego is big enough that I worry about the number of people around me.

By nature, I have a near-obsessive/compulsive type-A personality, and find myself antsy if I can't simultaniously utilize my desktop computer, the laptop and my Palm at the same time. I like to read, write, listen to the rain, and snuggle my wife. I'm a top-grade sap, a romantic, a cynic, (you didn't think those two could go together did you?) and a former mountain climber. I gave the last up for my wife and child.

Feel free to write me, although I warn you now that I'm lousy at returning mail. Sorry that I'd rather roll and laugh on the floor with my little girl than answer your message, but those are the breaks. If you have children of your own, then you know what I mean.

This site is the result of having been thoroughly frustrated by wading through the Y2K muck to the point where I started saying to myself, "I could do this so much better..." I know I'm in trouble when I say that, and I'm sure that this case will prove to be no exception. This is my attempt to organize what I've seen and heard into something that I can use. I started thinking that there were a lot of blokes out there like me, that would probably love to find a site like this one if I could find a way to get it out there without drowning in the other thousand or so survivalist sites showing you how to make a hand pump for your well. Most of us don't have a well... Most of us don't know anyone that does. Most of us live in the city, or at least a semi-urban utopia of 30 minute pizza deliveries, drop-it-in-the-microwave insta-meals, and vast temperature-controlled indoor malls.

Since you were patient enough to read through all that, here is a link to what I call The Cellar. It's where I really hash stuff out before I let it go public. Please watch your step on the way down as there is a lot of junk down there...

Yup, that's the end alright...