Good Links opposed to the "Bad Links" section, which is currently in it's sixth volume. What you have here, is months and months of stewing around the internet looking for juicy info on everything and anything that has to do with disasters. (Y2K is but one among many...) All this nightmare material has been boiled down to what I feel amounts to the only sites really worth your time visiting. It's a lot like cooking spinach. You start with so much that it looks like you could feed an entire platoon, and when your done, you wonder if it will be enough to garnish the plate.

Please, oh please remember that this is a work in progress. The sites I list here are the ones that I like. For whatever reason (maybe I just happen to find the color scheme appealing) I think that something about these sites could be helpful for others, above and beyond the obvious receptacle of information. The things that I look for in a grade AAA site include:

An interesting organization of information with a "think first" attitude. Heavy on Survivalism. Be sure to check out the Links section

A "Basic", "Intermediate", and "Advanced" approach to preparedness. Pick your placement and read on. A great collection of information, most of which seems to be in a local form, complete with printable versions. Nice.

This is a fantastic site for a wide range of information. My only negative comment is that much of the content is not localized (just links to other sites). This is fine, unless you happen to be trying to compile information in some sort of off-line capacity. Most people in the "poorman" category usually don't have the time to search for and read everything they need to. I would love to learn how to properly make my own soap, but my "free-time" consists of twenty minutes in the middle of the day before I pick up my daughter at school. Those twenty minutes are VERY precious... So the alternative is to download the information and read it "as needed". There's not much point in my making my own soap unless I can't buy it at my local Wal-Mart. If things are bad enough that they aren't open, then it's a pretty sure bet that I won't even be able to start up my computer, let alone get to that link on the internet.

While "survivalism" is a whole world unto itself, there are many aspects that overlap when one is trying to prepare for an emergency. This site is for the literal "die-hards". It's huge, and some of the stuff found here will give you big-time nightmares, or at least a good solid case of paranoia. Take what you read with a grain of salt, as the source for much of this material is often sketchy, or at the least, highly politically slanted. Whatever your feelings about the NRA or covert ops, this site is an awesome reference.

This site is for anybody who plans to stock food. Yup, that about covers it. Before you go out and buy that extra $300 of canned goods and flour, better check this place out to see what you can make for dinner. There are recipes, storage info, facts and myths, real-world stories, and much more. Better start up your printer unless you buy the author's book. I normally don't push sites that sell, but this is a cook book with extras. Cook books should be purchased in order to reward the hard work that has gone into creating them. (Sort of a tip for grandma's lasagna recipe...) Check it.

Don't be fooled. This site is not just for the better half of our species. Some of the best, most thought-through information can be found here, and without too much digging. Normally, I don't include sites that sell, and I have not seen Karen Anderson's "Y2K Report", but there is enough important free stuff here for me to overlook this one transgression. (grin) Besides, her site is fairly well organized and clean.

Again, not just for women. This site has a great forum going on with real people talking about real issues. Take the time and look through some of the posts to get a female perspective on stuff like, how to deal with Y2K emotionally, and what practical things to stock in your pantry. You'll find that you're not the only one who doesn't know what to do with raw wheat.

This is a great find, thanks Don & Peggy. The only thing about this site that I don't like is the fact that there are banners on it. But again, I am willing to overlook this for the fact that the entire rest of the site is simply INFO, raw and pure. Tonnes of really great stuff, from plans for making enough "Sunday projects" to keep you busy for the rest of your life, to basic information on pest control. Great stuff. A CD-ROM is available of the site (for $9.95, sigh... but that's pretty close to cost) but why in the world would you want that when it makes a lot more sense to go get a pack (or two, or three) of paper and print the whole damn thing out for later reference. A lot of good a CD-ROM will do you if you don't have power. I have this picture in my head of a guy frantically trying to find a file on making an outdoor latrine before the battery on his laptop goes dead.

I'll be updating here frequently, but if you have a suggestion for a site that you feel can pass my little inquisition, then please suggest it. Good resources are hard to find, and word-of-mouth is still the best search engine.

Yup, that's the end alright...