You may have noticed that many of my posts are critiques of recipes that I have failed to include in the post itself. This is not just a mistake on my part, or even a matter of laziness, which would be a valid excuse not to retype a mass of pages in highly formated text. I purposely chose not to include recipes from copyrighted books. It’s not that I’m all that worried about being sued, but rather a simple matter of ethics. Those publishers and/or authors have worked very hard and expended a great deal of money to collect and/or perfect those recipes as well as publish, distribute and market them in a book.

If you really want to get the recipe I mention in one of my posts, then buy the book! In most cases, I pull from books that are probably worthy of your library anyway, so support those that have toiled to bring you quality cooking.

On occasion, I may indeed post a recipe, but if I do, it means that it came from either an anonymous source (or public domain), or it was something “in the family” so to say. In either case, I will clearly state where it comes from and to what degree it can be “passed on.”

Enough said.