Traditionally, it’s the woman we see in the kitchen, staying home and caring for the children while the man of the family goes off to work and “brings home the bacon”. But more and more, as the job market shifts and changes, men are finding themselves placed into the homemaker role. In our own case, it was simply a matter of job availability, or rather unavailability. My wife was offered a full time position, at the same time that mine disappeared. So we flip-flopped. She became the bread-winner, and I became… The bread baker.

But that job included (gulp) cooking as well, and while I have never been afraid of the kitchen, there is a huge difference between baking as a hobby, and the day to day cooking for an entire family. Just keeping things fresh (physically and mentally) is a daunting task!

So this journal is a creative dump for a man placed in a brave new world. It’s for me and my sanity, but if some other guy (or gal!) can learn from my mistakes, then all the better.

The man pictured is my great grandfather Pop-Pop, who, among other things, was a Belgian pastry chef. The cookies are Speculous, or “little cakes,” and each year my mother (bless her soul) slaves to make about 3500 of the things to send as Christmas presents for friends and family.


My Great Grandfather