Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

By: admin | Date: 27.12.2004 | Categories: Baking, Cookies

If you like chocolate, then these classic cookies are for you. The recipe comes from the Williams Sonoma book, Essentials of Baking, and is so rich that you can really only eat about three of these gems before you start to seriously look for some milk. There are three different kinds of chocolate baked into these heavyweights, plus enough granulated sugar to qualify it as the primary ingredient. They are almost too rich. I’m not quite sure how I would alter the recipe to do this, but they seemed to need just a little more air or “puff”. They were exactly like the wonderful picture in the book, and I think they probably tasted as they should, but for my palette, a slightly lighter cookie would have been more enjoyable.

And they came out beautifully, even with my daughter “helping” me. More and more I’m trying to include her in the cooking, and although it can really slow me down at times, she gets almost as much joy from it as I do.

This was my second recipe using my new scale, and I don’t know how I ever managed to get anything to work at all before. Baking by weight is the only way to go.

I rate them 7 Yums!