By: admin | Date: 1.10.2006 | Categories: Tips

On the rare occasion that a baked good actually leaves my house before it’s consumed, I find that a good “cake-carrier” is money well spent. Sure, it’s overly large and doesn’t store well, but how foolish do you look having just spent four hours baking and decorating some delectable culinary art piece only to have it play bumper boats in the back seat of your car on the way to your PTA bake sale and end up looking like something frosted by your cat. Besides, when it’s not actually transporting goods, it can double as a bread box.

But the problem with most of these products (mine is a nifty little number by Sterilite with a carry handle and a base that can double as a serving tray) is that no matter how safe your baked goods are from being hit by outside objects, the stuff inside still has momentum when you have to stop quick at the light. All of the carriers I looked at had the same basic problem…

They’re plastic. Things slide on plastic.

This becomes even more obvious when you try to transport something in a metal or glass container, which will glide across a plastic surface like it’s on ball bearings.

Fortunately, the solution is easy. Find that old roll of rubber shelf liner and cut yourself a circle to sit neatly across the bottom of the carrier. The non-slip rubber will keep your pie safe from sliding and even provide a bit of cushion. I had only black on hand, but you might not even see a matching color.

Perfect pies delivered with crusts intact. Not eating it before it leaves the house is your own problem.

Pie Stay Put