By: admin | Date: 11.09.2006 | Categories: Baking, Pastry

I’ve always wanted to make these, but most of the recipes I’ve found used dates or cranberries, which I’m not fond of. So when a “sugar free” version showed up on, I figued it was time.

First of all, the title of the recipe (which can be found here) is terribly deceiving. I’m not sure what the original author considers “sugar”, but they even went so far as to say that the recipe was “safe” for diabetics.  My wife is diabetic, and I can tell you with complete assurity, that there is nothing at all safe about these Rugelach (Rugelachi?).  It’s the carbs that will get you as a diabetic, not just granular sugar, and these things have plenty ‘o carbs.  Oh, yes.  And unfortunately, they’re just small enough to plop right into your mouth whole.  That’s a major bummer fo anyone wanting to eat just one.  Better to make them huge, then you have a harder time justifying that quick snack.

Anyway, I followed the recipe and a few of the comments, such as adding some Splenda to the dough (3/4 c) and the filling (2 tsp), rolling out the dough between wax paper, and spreading some preserve on them as they come out of the oven (which makes them a little sticky, but very, very, tasty.

They’re wonderful! So wonderful that they disappeared before I could snap a picture…