Blueberry Coffee Cake

By: admin | Date: 5.06.2006 | Categories: Cakes

I just can’t resist a good coffee cake, and now that blueberries are coming into season I’m in real trouble. So when I came across this recipe on, I wasted little time. Never mind that I only had frozen blueberries, throw on a pot of coffee and let’s bake!

This was a five star recipe, so I was pretty sure I couldn’t botch it too badly, especially since I took into account some changes by reviewers.

Here’s the basic recipe.

For the changes, I used 3/4 cup milk, 2 eggs, and my 9 inch springform pan. As I mentioned, I used 2 cups of frozen blueberries (thawed) but went ahead and did the whole amount of topping for reference.

The last was probably excessive, even for me, and I love streusel. My first mistake was to use margarine instead of butter for the topping. The recipe indicated either, but what should have been a crumbly mixture ended up like a soft dough. I decided to make the best of it and threw it into the fridge to make it easier to “crumble” later.

The batter went a little better, and aside from some slightly cold butter (I wasn’t about to try margarine in a cake), it went off without a hitch. The only real problem was the springform pan, which leaked a bit of blueberry juice through the bottom. To be somewhat expected I thought. I used a new product called Pam with Flour to coat the pan, and it worked like a charm. About an hour in the oven at 350F and it came out of the pan very nicely. Much better than inverting a standard 9 inch pan, which would put the “topping” on the bottom, as suggested in the original recipe. What’s up with that?

The result was a little bit disappointing I suppose, but the recipe did call for fresh blueberries, even though many reviewers used frozen as well. The topping basically melted into a crunchy crust, which wasn’t bad, just not a “crumb” topping. It was also a bit overpowering, and I only used a little over half of the topping, so the reviewers were right. All the topping would have been horridly sweet.

The cake part itself was acceptable, but as you might expect with juicy berries, especially previously frozen blueberries, the cake became a little “doughy” around the blueberry layer. For future versions, I would more aggressively strain the berries before adding them as well as let them come completely to room temperature (or even slightly warmed over the oven vents), and even then would have split the blueberries, taking half and carefully mixing them into the batter saving the other half for the berry “layer”.

Blueberry Coffee Cake