Kitchen Tip: Toaster Chopsticks

By: admin | Date: 14.01.2006 | Categories: Tips, Tools

At some point, almost anyone who has a toaster has risked early-morning electrocution to get that smallish piece of sourdough toast out of their toaster. You’re groggy – the coffee is still burbling, and the only implement of extraction at hand is the metal butter knife you got out to coat your toast. So you do it. You can actually hear your mother’s voice in your ear telling you that you never, never, EVER stick a knife in there… as you stick your knife in there.

And you get away with it – for now. You know that some day it’s going to kill you, that toaster. It’ll go BZZZT just like that game Operation that you played as a kid. The lights will flicker and they’ll find you mysteriously laid out on the floor with a butter knife still held in your toasted hand.

So what can you do? You could go out and buy one of those cool $90 toasters that have the bread “lifter”, but why not use the poor man’s tongs… Chopsticks.

I keep a set of these right by the toaster. They’re wood (non-conductive you know), cheap (a pack of a hundred is about two dollars) and will save your family from having to explain how you died because you didn’t listen to your mother. Go put a pair by your toaster now.