Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

By: admin | Date: 13.01.2006 | Categories: Cookies

I’m always looking for a good cookie recipe, and being the chocoholic that I am, these seemed like a no-brainer. The recipe itself is from and was reviewed very highly. After having baked them, I can see why.

One problem that I always seem to have with my cookies is that they spread. To me, the perfect cookie is one that rises just enough to give the desert some thickness, but not so much that it becomes a muffin, you know? But my cookies always seem to end up quite flat and spread out on my pan like melted snowmen. This doesn’t usually bother me unless they either get so thin that they start to resemble crackers in consistency, or if they run into one another and become the Pangea of cookiedom – one big cookie. If it gets bad enough you can always claim you were making brownies or an artsy free-form pan-less cake I suppose.

So if anyone has a solution to this enigma, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I don’t think it’s my baking soda (not positive, but unlikely) and I do try to keep my butter cold (really I do) as much as possible.

Another sticking point (no pun intended) with these cookies is the temperamental cooking time. The recipe calls for 7-9 minutes per batch at 425 degrees F. That’s pretty darn tight, especially when 7 minutes in my over produced mush, but just over 9 gave me crisp, nearly burned results. Perhaps a lower temperature for longer would be better here? It would certainly give a little more leeway in case one has to answer the phone or something. I also don’t have a window on my oven door, so if I want to check how my deserts look (the recipe says, “set”) I have to open the door and let out my heat.

Have plenty of milk handy…

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies