Zoom Apple Pie

By: admin | Date: 28.06.2005 | Categories: Baking, Pies

The other day I was watching the PBS kids program ZOOM with my daughter (remember that show?) and one of the kids made a really simple Apple Pie right on the program that looked really tasty. Pretty impressive for someone about nine-years old. I was hankering for a sweet treat, so I thought, if this kid can do it, and he says it’s easy, then maybe, just maybe I might be able to pull off a decent pie.

I haven’t had the best of luck with pies in the past, but this one really did seem easy. In fact, the hardest part appeared to be making the crust. But isn’t that always the case? The boy on the show used pre-made crusts, but I wasn’t about to go out and buy one yet.

I choose Alton Brown’s Basic Crust recipe since it uses lard and has served me very well in the past. I made two crusts. The ZOOM show kid said you could really use any apples, so I found 5 somewhat older Gala’s I was looking to use up and pealed, cored and thin sliced them. You add a cup of sugar (oh yeah, baby), a teaspoon or two of cinnamon, about two tablespoons of lemon juice and mix it all up in a big bowl. Place the first crust into a glass pie pan and dump the whole mixture into the middle. You then set the second crust on top, fold over the edges and crenelate to your artistic liking. Finally cut three “V” shaped slits on the top to vent. Easy as… er, pie.

The only trick that I hadn’t tried was to take some aluminum foil pieces and loosely wrap the sides and edges of the pie pan to keep the crust from browning too much. Then it’s 45 minutes in a 425 degree oven, remove the foil and cook for 15 more minutes. Whalla!

And you know what? I think it was just about the best pie I have ever eaten. Imagine that? Out of the mouthes of babes…