Goat Cheese Pepper Boats

By: admin | Date: 14.06.2005 | Categories: Main Courses

My wife is diabetic (wouldn’t ya know God would link her up with a guy who likes to bake…) so we try pretty hard to find main-course meals that are low in carbohydrates whenever possible. Usually, that means “meat” meals. I’ve been slowly going through Mary Abbott Hess’s The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic, which is almost more of a “here’s a great idea” kind of cookbook. Anyway, one of the more interesting recipes was for pepper boats.

We love peppers. We love cheese. This wonderfully simple meal turned out to be a real A+ for us, even though there’s NO meat! Here’s how it works.

You take a yellow onion (the sweet ones) and quarter it into a large pan with a little oil. Saute for a bit, then add one green, one red, and one yellow pepper, sliced into strips. Saute a bit more, add some garlic and basil and saute until the peppers are just starting to soften (but still crisp). You take this filling and drop it into some (like four) longish split rolls with some of the insides taken out. We found that sourdough rolls worked best since they held up better and could be picked up and eaten like a sandwich. On top, put about 6 oz (divided 4 ways) of your favorite goat cheese. The book said to slice it, or crumble it. It’s pretty soft, so “mushing” was about the best I could do. I think if you used a wire-type cheese cutter you might be able to slice it though. Finally, put them into an oven at about 350 degrees for 8 minutes or when the cheese starts to melt (it mostly just gets really soft).

They are quite delicious, and surprisingly filling for a veggie meal.