Cinnamon Rolls

By: admin | Date: 11.03.2005 | Categories: Breads & Rolls

If you have ever eaten one of those pastry nightmares they call Cinnamon Rolls at the mall, then you probably know what I mean when I say that after a few bites, you start to feel like you should have just asked for a few cups of frosting. After all’s said and done, it’s the frosting that kicks butt. The buns are alright I guess, but how can you tell when they douse them in so much extra sugar.

Be that as it may, my wife and I don’t get to the mall all that often, but we really do like a nice warm sticky bun now and then. The problem for us is that we decide we want them right away… NOW, darnit! So after looking online at and being dismayed only to find buns that used yeast, (and so required rising time – no way, baby) I once again turned to my trusted Baking Illustrated. Yup, they got one with no yeast. Hurray!

There’s nothing to this recipe, and the hardest part is getting the dough spread out to a 12 x 15 inch rectangle evenly. I always tend to go a little thin at the middle. Whatever, it worked, and the buns cooked beautifully. They also use a cream cheese icing which is perfect. Oh my, they are delicious. And it’s a good thing that they taste heavy, because otherwise you would just keep eating them until you popped!

And most importantly – You must serve these with milk! Yeah, I sound like a dairy commercial, but it’s absolutely true. Cinnamon rolls need an ice cold glass of milk to balance all that sugar. That’s another reason to make them at home… At the mall, they actually try to sell you [shriver] soft drinks like Pepsi or Coke to go with your buns. Ack! No milk!? What in the world were they thinking?!

If you’re hungry, avert your eyes…