Lattice-top Cherry Pie

By: admin | Date: 18.02.2005 | Categories: Disasters, Pies

So I was cleaning out one of my cupboards recently when I came across a can of cherry pie filling. I love cherry pie. But that can had been in there for a very long time, and was begging to be used. I had a hankering to do another pie, so…

I know, I know. “You’re using pie filling?! Cheater!” Yup. But the point was to use that can, remember? That I get to practice my pie crusting is just a bonus.

One of the problems I had the last time I made pie, was that I used the wrong recipe and only made one crust for a two-crust pie. This time I made sure to use the right recipe, one specifically for a lattice crust pie. But I just can’t seem to stop meddling with things and switched-out the shortening for lard. I don’t think that was what started my trouble, but who knows.

For starters, there still wasn’t quite enough. Secondly, I think I was short on the water because my dough was mostly too brittle the whole time, and I don’t think it was just the cold. When I tried to do the rectangle needed to cut my lattice strips the first time (15×11 to make 8-15 x 1.25 in strips) the dough literally started to break apart. I sprayed a bit more water on my dough and remixed it. After another chilling, I tried again. This time I used the technique of rolling my square out inside a Ziplock bag. This helped to keep it square and together enough so that I could then remove it from the bag to finish the rolling.

Constructing my lattice went reasonably well, but I ran out of time and couldn’t freeze it enough. Transferring it to my pie was a horrible mess, but that was nothing compared to the other problem I ran into. I chanced to gaze at the back of the pie filling can which happened to have a recipe of it’s own. Then I noticed that they said to use two cans of filling for one nine-inch pie. Oops! My original pie receipe did not indicate how much filling it made, so I took it on faith that the pie filling makers knew what they were talking about.

So after a quick trip to the store (which had the filling on sale at 2 cans for $5) I filled my pie and finished setting the lattice… and discovered after the fact that you really can’t over fill a cherry pie like you can with apple. Oops take two. The lesson here: Pie filling makers want to sell you more cans, so instead of making a slightly larger can that will adequately fill a normal sized pie, they want you to buy two cans even if you might not use it all despite what the recipe says.

Things got… messy. But there was no turning back now, so I did what I could with the edge and popped the pie in the oven.

I don’t know if it completely counts as a disaster, but it’s about the ugliest cherry pie I’ve ever seen. It tastes great, even the troublesome crust, but the edging was pushed over and softened by the overflowing filling so that it basically flopped over the side of the pan instead of forming nice neat crenelations.

But the worst part is that after it all, I still have a single can of extra pie filling sitting in my cupboard…

Oh bother.