Gingerbread Scones

By: admin | Date: 7.02.2005 | Categories: Scones

I recently found a wonderful site called Joy of Baking, which has a delightful recipe for Gingerbread Scones. I usually like my scones pretty plain, but when I saw “gingerbread,” I couldn’t resist.

I let my KitchenAid do the work for me on this one, and in all but the final mixing (which probably could have been a wee bit less so) it worked fantastic. I’ve never been a big fan of pastry knives to cut in butter in the first place. I also got to use some of my powdered buttermilk, yes, that’s right, powdered.

It comes in a cardboard can and lasts far longer than the liquid stuff (how often do you use buttermilk?). You mix it right in with your dry ingredients, and then add a certain amount of water to the wet. For me, that’s awesome. I keep half & half around for my tea, and that will work in a pinch added to 2% milk to give me something close to whole milk, but buttermilk is an animal of a different color. My mom turned me on to the dry version, and never again will I need to buy a pint of the stuff just because a recipe calls for one lousy tablespoon. But back to the scones…

Two full teaspoons of ginger and a healthy portion of molasses give these treats a delightful flavor and color. I found the dough a little sticky to work with, but so long as I kept my hands and the work surface floured, things went pretty well. There’s even a maple drizzle glaze to give them just the right amount of sweetness. I cut mine into eighths instead of twelfths, and they are still disappearing quickly. These are going to be a regular occurrence in our home I can tell already.