By: admin | Date: 19.12.2004 | Categories: Baking

It’s nice to start this cooking journal with a success. Today’s adventure was Popovers. I pulled the recipe from Cooking Illustrated, and followed the directions without modification save for the fact that I had no whole milk. Instead, I used half 2% and half Half & Half. This seemed to work just fine. The muffin tin probably didn’t work as well as popover cups, but seemed to do the job. It occurred to me afterward that a mini-muffic tin would probably have worked even better. Eat ’em while they’re hot!

The recipe is a sound one, as are most in that particular book. The only changes I would make to the process are as follows:

  • My oven runs a bit hot at 450 degrees, so I would reduce the initial temperature to 425.
  • I would use less oil in the bottoms of the tins. Just enough to cover coat the bottoms. It should also be noted that oil at that temperature smokes. It’ll fill your house with a smell and haze if you’re not careful to keep the windows open.

Here they are!

The popovers!