Mini Coffeecake Muffins

By: admin | Date: 28.01.2005 | Categories: Muffins

I believe I mentioned that I was a big fan of coffeecake? Well today, while I was waiting for my Sourdough to rise, I decided to use my favorite coffeecake muffin recipe to make mini muffins.

Normally, I just use a regular 12 cup pan with paper muffin cups, but lately I’ve noticed that my daughter (who regularly requests my muffins for breakfast – there is no greater praise!) has only been able to eat a half rather than a whole one. My wife also tends to go for snacks that are more “carb friendly”, so while I can’t take out the carbohydrates (heavens no!), I can make the muffins themselves smaller.

The recipe is from Baking Illustrated, my favorite cookbook, and is wonderful. I’ve tried a number of recipes from various sources, but none are as delicious as these. I have fine-tuned the process so that I can use my stand mixer so the “work” is minimal. Getting the batter into the smaller pan was a bit of a trick (use smaller spoons) and seemed like it was too much per cup, but they came out perfect if not just a little square on the tops. The muffin tops run into each other a bit as they cook, which is why they square-off, but after cooling in the pan for about five to ten minutes and then inverting, the whole two dozen muffins come away from the pan like a single cake. Since the tops are covered in streusel, they separate without breaking just fine to then cool on the rack.

Normally I have to add about 5 minutes of cook time for my muffins in the cups, but with the mini muffin pan the recommended 18 minutes was right on the mark. More surface area I guess.


Coffeecake Muffins