Quick Pastry

By: admin | Date: 17.01.2005 | Categories: Pastry

After having successfully pulled off croissants, I was itching to try my hand at some other pastries. But the time involved in simply making the pastry dough is highly limiting for a stay-at-home dad with a house to maintain and a child to raise. This is where Quick Pastry comes in.

It’s really not that much of a time saver, because you still need to let the dough chill and do your four turns, the same as you would in standard puff pastry. The only real difference is the butter square.

With puff pastry, you form a butter square and then “turn” or fold that square into your dough which gives you your flaky crust. In quick pastry, you forgo the actual square and simply embed your butter into the dough as chunks, which are then folded and pressed into something that resembles the regular puff pastry without the uniform layers. At least, that’s the idea in theory. The nice thing is that you can do most of the work in your standing mixer, which is a lot easier on the arms.

So I made a batch today with the intention of throwing some Apple Turnovers together in a day or two. It was certainly quicker, both because of the skipped butter square, but also because I was more familiar with the handling of pastry dough in general. And so far, things look pretty good. The dough can sit in the freezer for a month, and I can have those turnovers in an hour or two as a nice wake-up smell for my wife and daughter.

If the stuff is reasonably comparable to the longer process, then the next time I will probably make a double, or even a triple batch so that I have a block of dough ready for late-night snacking should the need arise. You never know when you’re going to be in dire need of a pastry fix.

I’ll post a comment when I find out how the quick pastry compares to the regular puff stuff in actual taste tests.