COLOR BLIND - Adventures in Infrared Photography


This site is a personal account of my experimentation with Infrared Photography. I am not a professional photographer, just a “hobbyist”, though that hobby has taken me to building my own darkroom and pushing the technical limits of my meager gear.

As the title implies, this is about Infrared Photography using a digital SLR camera. By “infrared”, I am talking about reflective light (not heat) in the 700-950 nm spectrum. This light is normally mostly out of human perception, and acts very differently with a standard camera and lens than does the rest of the spectrum. Trees leaves and other vegitation tend to be highly reflective to infrared in this range, and so come out light or white. The open sky, on the other hand, reflects very little infrared, and becomes nearly black. While color inrafred pictures are possible, what you are usually seeing are either false-color, or images that have allowed in a greater range of light, and not just the 700-950nm range. For my own purposes, I go “black & white”, that is, I deal only with the infrared range.

My hope with this site is that I can pass on some of my “grunt work” experience and possibly serve as a starting point for someone else interested in this odd, but beautiful type of photography.


“Hey, why are all your trees white?”

For the record, yes, I am actually color blind (red and green). Although my case is somewhat mild, it has certainly given me a greater appreciation for B&W photography. Infrared images have always felt a little more “fair” to me. They’re made up of light that I can’t normally see, like the red and green colors I’m missing. But, then again, neither can anyone else.